capturing your soul…

Alright, band photography is something that i really, really like. there’s something about the seeing the way that a band’s intensity in a live performance translates to the art of photography that i find really appealing.

when i was little i used to love baseball cards, and would obsessively collect them. i liked the photos of the players, especially. i loved their poses, whether they were hitting a grand slam or sliding into first base, or having a moment of relaxation waiting on first base. i loved these pictures so much that i would often try to replicate them myself, pretending i was a great baseball player…however i would wait until i was in a public setting with my family, like a restaurant or a museum, to strike such a pose. one second, i would be sitting with my family, quiet, and the next i would jump out of my seat, slide into a table as if it were home plate, and hold the position long enough to hear my brother yell “ANDREW, DON’T SHOW!” he referred to it as “showing” for some reason, and i guess it stuck. i suppose i am bringing this story up as further reflection of my interest in the power of photography to capture the energy and excitement of something very active, whether it’s playing baseball, or playing music.


so without further ado, here are some pictures of Voyage In Coma, from our show last friday night. a girl named Rachel Atcheson took most of these, and i am so glad she was there, because i’ve seen a lot of her work and she is an amazing photographer. i don’t know if she has a website, cause if she did, i would link to it. i am not in a lot of them, that’s what i get for being nervous and turning my back to the audience. enjoy!



these last couple are from the Pygmy Lush set. holy god, they ruled. 


One response to “capturing your soul…

  1. fuck yeah, wish i was there

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