Sick Fix

Sick Fix!

So I haven’t ever been too into Sick Fix, a pretty renown DC/Baltimore area hardcore band, but I am regretting that quite a bit now. I saw them once, and thought the performance was pretty exciting, but I have largely lost interest in hardcore at this point in my life. I never realized how powerful their lyrics are, particularly the song “Scum,” a vindictive, violent, powerfully moving verbal assault on a rapist. Anyone who likes female fronted hardcore with songs about sexual violence, body image, and a whole host of other fucked up things, should get into it. Too bad their next DC show isn’t til August!

ps: photo credit goes to the talented and amazing Rachel Atcheson, whom I have still never met!


One response to “Sick Fix

  1. Has a better photo ever been taken?
    I think not…

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