new digs, new season

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing, and one of my fall resolutions is to become a more consistent blogger. I am moving into a new house in Northeast Washington D.C., so hopefully this will be a catalyst for some big changes in my life as well as a brighter outlook on things.

My house is about six blocks from the Rhode Island Ave. metro stop and New York Ave metro stop. I’ll be sure to post some pictures up here when I get the chance. I have three roommates and one mystery roommate yet to be determined.

The rest of my summer was very productive! The Ambulars went on a weekend tour, recorded an EP, and played eleven shows overall. Not bad for a band that started practicing in April. In a lot of ways it was probably the best band I’ve ever been in. The future is still open for us, but our dear bassist Jen moved to Chicago, so who knows what will happen.

Here are some fliers from some of the last few shows we played over the summer:

at the charm city arts space in baltimore!

our last show! also our EP release show

It was a blur of a summer, one that I will think back on quite a bit when the weather starts getting colder, which has already begun…

If you would like to stream the Ambulars EP, entitled Summer Of The Ambulars, then fuckin go here: our myspace.

If you’re trying to DOWNLOAD it so you can listen to it on your ipod on your way to your boring ass job or your boring ass class, then go here: Summer Of The Ambulars.

The first six tracks on there are the EP, and the last four are an acoustic EP entitled Summer Fling that we recorded to sell on our “tour.”

The fall brings new projects, new people, new location, new everything. Lots of people say that spring is the time for something new, but I’ve always felt that fall is the time for this. Obviously I associate it with starting school. But in this way, most of my best friends I’ve ever had were made in the fall. Because of this, it is such a nostalgic time of year for me.

This has been a long post, but I guess I’ve had a lot to say. I’ll end this for now and believe me, you will see a lot more where this came from!


One response to “new digs, new season

  1. how do you like the room? enjoy tybalt and desi- yall will make fast friends.

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