jams of the day: P.S. Eliot

P.S. Eliot!

P.S. Eliot- Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds

I saw this Birmingham, AL based band in a packed and boiling hot basement in Baltimore in the middle of summer, and was captivated throughout their set. I had never heard them before, and all it took was a live show to hook me in. The album sounds like a sampling of every great indie/alternative band of the last three decades. I hear a lot of Discount, Billy Bragg, Jawbreaker, The Replacements, and Yo La Tengo. Imagery and sounds of mispent youth, crushes and heartbreak, nostalgia, late night benders and bike rides, boring summers, post teen angst and road trips fill this record with instantly relateable content. Vocalist/guitarist Katie Crutchfield perfectly coining all the parts of life that usually get left unsaid into something poignant and meaningful. The main strength of P.S. Eliot is their songwriting. The arrangements and timing are perfect, the hooks are unforgettable, the lead guitar work is complimentary and appropriate. It’s really awesome that this band is from Alabama, as you don’t hear a lot of music like this coming out of the deep south. Perhaps I am just ignorant and haven’t heard it. Just goes to show what kind of gems there are in unassuming places, waiting to be discovered. Every one of these songs will likely be featured on hundreds of mixtapes trading hands for years to come, so hop on that bandwagon and enjoy one of the best records to come out this year!

listen to them at their myspace page, or you’se a bama, for real.


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